Theory without practice is empty, practice without theory is blind. In the oscillating quest for balance between both, however, they remain separated by the various mediums which they use : writing in film sciences and moving image with sound in filmmaking. Although they each want to tell something different, they keep one another in balance as each other’s touchstone.


Academic work .

Artistic work .
Publications .

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Conferences as (co)organisor .

“Shattered Narratives”, in collaboration with UCSIA, St. Lucas, Streven, KASKA, AUHA, M HKA
Iconography of Lumumba with Raoul Peck at the University of Antwerp, February 2016

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Conference Papers .

“The mask in decolonial tactics” in Removing the Mask, Lifting the Veil: Race, Class, and Gender in the 21st Century, CRITICAL DIALOGUE: Gender/Race/Class and Globalization – THEMATIC”, SSSP Annual Meeting. August 21-23, 2015 Chicago, IL (paper accepted)

“Autonome cultuurproductie in het Zuiden” in Metaforum, K.U.L., 19/3/15

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Public talks, Presentations, Debates .

Filming Africa (AFF), 28/3/2015

2015. Docpoppies (Flanders Docs, VAF), Introducing N, the Madness of Reason, 10/3/25

2015. Feest van de Filosofie, Introducing Enjoy Poverty, 4/415

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Lobi .



Lobi means yesterday as well as tomorrow in Lingala. Lobi assembles images that were conceived and shot by the belgolese collectives noix-yo, mungongo ya sika and ôtre k’ôtre during the months that announced the fiftieth anniversary of Congo’s independence. Nine different views merge in a quest for a common language to broach the past, conceive the present and imagine the future.

Co-directed with Amourabinto Lukoji, Androa Mindre, Eric Biansueki, Kristin Rogghe, Mekhar Azari, Pierre Kigoma, Rek Kandol and Tocha Zaventen



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ôtre k’ôtre .



ôtre k’ ôtre, at first sight an incomprehensible and hermetic title, sounds like ‘autre qu’ autre’, which translates the ambiguity of identity/alterity. The videoworks of ôtre k’ ôtre – made in collaboration with contemporary Congolese artists – look at a known, familiar phenomenon – in this case ‘contemporary art’ – from a remote, unfamiliar point of view – in this case the African culture. The works raise questions about our own perception of ‘the (African) other’ and his contemporary culture, and about the search for identity (theirs as well as ours) through art.A recurrent trait thorough the videoworks of ôtre k’ ôtre is the (productive) tension between ‘self’ and ‘other’, between ‘strangeness’ and ‘familiarity’, between ‘them/there’ and ‘us/here’.

Co-directed with Kristin Rogghe



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City Symphony .

A citysymphony is a poëtic avant-garde documentary about a city. Its genre was at its top around the ’20s en ’30s of the twentieth century.



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Shown At .

INTERNATIONAL: International Film Festival Rotterdam 2011 & 2010; Cantor Film Center (New York University); San Francisco Art-Institute; Worth Ryder Art Gallery, Berkely-University; Académie des Beaux-Arts, Kinshasa (RDC) 8/06/2010 ; Antenne A, TV (RDC) 22-23/09/2010 ; RTNC (Radio et Télévision Nationale Congolaise) ; Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin/Madrid, Vidéothèque (FR) 1/12-4/12/2010 ; Institut National des Arts INA, Kinshasa (RDC) 7/3/2011 ; Festival de Cine Africano de Tarifa (ESP) 11-19/6/2011 ; Film Africa 2011, London (UK), Rich Mix 5/11/2011; AfricaDoc Benin, Paris (FR), les Ateliers Varan 18/11/2011; AfricaDoc Benin, Cotonou (BENIN), Institut Français + Porto Novo (BENIN), Ecole Normale Supérieure, Centre Culturel Ouadada 25-28/11/2011; Café Chéri(e), Boulevard de la Villette 44, Paris 14/05/2012 ; Boston Palestine Film Festival; Cairo Documentary Film Festival ; Nile Cinema Channel (march 2011); 14th annual Media City Festival in Canada, Gallery Bart (NL), Gallery 3de Wal (NL), WHAA & IFAA (NL), Harvard Film Archive; PoetryFilm Archive (UK); Yango Biennale (Kinshasa, R.D.C.) 20-28/11/14

BELGIUM: Inforville UCL, STUK Leuven, Afrika Film Festival; University of Antwerp (UOS); Cinema Zuid, Antwerpen 8/06/2010; Theater Aan Zee, Oostende 5-6-7/08/2010 ; Zomerfabriek, Zomer Van Antwerpen, Antwerpen 21/08/2010 ;kc nOna, Mechelen 19/10/2010; Festival de Rencontre avec le Congo, Centre Culturel d’Evere, Bruxelles (B) 12/11/2010 ; Cinematek, Brussel (B) 16/12/2010 ; Cinema Nova ; Netwerk Aalst ; Appolo Art-Hotel; BrxlBravo, Wiels Off Site, Brussels, March 2007; Mayday!Festival, Monty, Antwerp, November 2007; Passage, European Forum for Young Artists Brussels en Mechelen, january-february 2008; ATV; Beursschouwburg Brussels ; Monty Antwerp ; Vooruit Gent ; Concertgebouw Brugge; Royal Museum for Central Africa Tervuren ; Music Art Film festival – Gent, 2007 ; LeuvenDraait ; FLACC OpenHuis, Thank You IFAA (Louvain-la-Neuve), Infoville (LLN), Gallerie la baroque, Laboratoire d’ondes, Cinema Wolke

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